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옉꽦씪 2011-02-22
  Now it's time to celebrate with Super Bowl XLV champs collections!



For some people, the Super Bowl XLV was an event that one team competes against that other team.

But with a record breaking 110 million viewers, this championship football games was a lot bigger than that.


With precise passes and cool under pressure, Rodgers lead the Packers to a 31-25 victory over the

Pittsburgh Steelers for Green Bay셲 first NFL title since Favre셲 in the January 1997 Super Bowl.


Whether you tuned in to watch the game itself, the high concept and expensive commercials,

or the half time show that featured The Black Eyed Peas you may have noticed the beaming

championship gear the proud Aaron Rodgers had on.


The Reebok짰 Green Bay Packers Super Bowl짰 XLV Champions Trophy Collection hat

was manufactured by Dada using our U.S. patented techonology Weldone짰.

The trophy collection hat is loaded with graphics including a NFL짰 shield and

raised Super Bowl Champions embroidered on the front,

a laser-cut "XLV" decoration on visor and a woven Super Bowl짰 logo adorning the back.


The dramatic 쏼LV gradient sublimation print was created using our Weldone짰 method.

You may check out the following link or ask our sales associate for more information about this U.S. patented technique. 


*photo source: www.nfl.com


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